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I am a travel enthusiast who has earned the nickname Bootcamp Barbie, because I like to pack as many experiences as possible into the time that is available. I started Bootcamp Barbie Travel back in late 2018 to document my travel adventures with my family. It started with a trip to Europe I took with my husband Karl, and our three sons. So far, I’ve documented both our Europe trip and our trip to South and Eastern Africa. The project has evolved to include not just information about our travels, but also tips, guides, reviews, and all things travel.
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Barbara Ketley

Meet Bootcamp Barbie!

If you have a passion for travelling to the most amazing places on the planet, I hope you find some inspiration and helpful tips on my website and travel blogs.

Travel has always given me the most incredible thrill. As a child, I moved home across Australia and the UK so many times that, by my early 20s, I had already lived in around 23 homes. Although this meant adapting to 8 different schools, and having a period of home-schooling too, moving to a new location always excited me. It was the start of my itchy feet.

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